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Video Production

Maybe you have a stage production that you want captured for future broadcast or sale. Perhaps you’re developing a seminar for branch managers, and you’d like to film it for use in future events. Maybe you want promotional material for your business.

Whatever the case may be, madcap creative is here to film your event and help you create powerful marketing material you can use again and again. Don’t get mediocre results trying to DIY your corporate video production - contact a skilled, professional team to handle the job for you, and to create the results you want.

When you work with madcap, you can trust that we film all our videos in full 4K and deliver them in a format that works for you. Videos can be delivered privately, embedded directly into your website, or published online for sale or rent.

Our team is fully equipped to film any event using three 4K angles. If your venue has an available internet connection, madcap can establish online live streaming, which allows you to interact with audience members who live across town, across the state, or in another country.

Don’t trust your video production to just anyone. Contact our team today to learn more about our video marketing services.

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