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Aerial Videography & Photography

Promotional Materials
Agricultural Surveys
Real Estate Monitoring
Commercial Inspections

Want to make your marketing collateral stand apart from your competitors? An aerial view provides a unique perspective that will catch the eye of your customers. Our drone footage can be leveraged to conduct aerial inspections of crops, buildings, real estate, construction sites, and much more.

Our 4K video and 20 megapixel photos will provide stunning, high-quality views of your properties and products. The madcap team will provide your organization with crystal clear images of anything you need – all from a unique birds eye view.

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Aerial Over Vierling Drive in Shakopee
Aerial Over Tenth Street in Shakopee

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1My friend has a drone, can I just ask them for photos?
The short answer to this question is no. Federal law stipulates that if a drone (and by association, aerial videos and photos) are used in any way to promote a business, the pilot must be certified by the FAA with a Part 107 Certificate. In Minnesota, commercial drone pilots are also required to carry a state DOT registration as well as comprehensive insurance. Promoting a business doesn't necessarily mean just paying for the use of photos and videos taken - if you own a business and post aerial videos or photos to your Facebook, Instagram, website, or other form of social media, you'll need a commercially authorized pilot.
2What is the process?
madcap begins with an onsite consultation whenever possible. This allows us to survey the area for potential hazards as well as determine the type of airspace and permissions required for the mission to take place.
3Does madcap have insurance?
Yes. All commercial flight missions taken on by madcap creative our covered under our aerial filming insurance policy.
4What equipment does madcap use?
madcap creative utilizes the DJI Mavic 2 Pro platform. This allows us to operate from a variety of locations and be in and out quickly, freeing up your schedule to admire the beautiful images we capture!
5What is FAA Part 107?
Part 107 is the stipulation of rules from the Federal Aviation Administration regarding small Unmanned Aerial Systems usage for commercial endeavors. You can read more about this, and find specific rules here.

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