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madcap (a):
not based on or conforming to what is generally done or believed.

The History of madcap creative

The founding principle of our company is to do things differently. Nick Mabee formed madcap creative for one reason: to make professional, innovative services available to small businesses & non-profits.

Before starting madcap, Nick was a communication and leadership student at the University of Minnesota. Nick graduated in May of 2018. While at the U, Nick worked in the Leadership Minor Department in IT and Marketing. Designing websites, creating compelling video content, maintaining branding, and adapting marketing strategies were all a big part of his daily work.

Before entering University, Nick had been working with web design since age 12, starting first with simple template-websites and expanding to HTML, CSS, and PHP coding. In 6th grade, Nick and his best friend got a camera. The first video they “starred” in was a sledding video, which turned into a home movie of them and a few other friends to look back on.

A few years later, Nick and his friends had become enthralled with “The Office” on NBC. So, when the Office did a parkour video, it was a no-brainer for Nick and his squad. Nick and his friends ventured to a playground, armed with a cheap video camera and Windows Movie Maker, and put a funny twist on the ordinarily exhilarating sport. Five videos later, they decided it was time to make some actual plots happen. These videos included “A Tattle Tale Heart,” a play on Edgar Allen Poe’s “A Tell-Tale Heart,” “Oceans 50 Teaser Trailer,” and full-scale music video explaining the cell. They were so proud of this and quickly showed everyone they knew.

Years passed, and they all decided they loved filming. When approached by some friends from Musicals with a Mission in Shakopee to film their shows, Nick Mabee Design was born. Nick ran the company through his freshman year of college when he finally decided to cut back and focus on his education. Four years, 120 credits, and 300 gallons of coffee later, he’s back and better than ever.

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